Profile Shortcuts

Profile Shortcuts

Change the active profile with a single key


  • Map buttons to profiles
  • Use voice commands to change active profile


  • Doesn't provide shortcuts to anything other than profiles

Very good

I love having the ability to set different profiles on my mobile phone based around what I'm doing at the time, as there's nothing worse than you're phone ringing loudly when you're in a library or being too quite when you're working at a busy construction site. Not that I work on a construction site, but you know what I mean.

Profile Shortcuts is an interesting app that allows you to map different profiles to different keys on your phone, making for much faster switching between them. If your phone supports it, you can even apply voice commands to change profiles. For instance, you could say 'silence' to put the phone on silent, just like a strict teacher. Wow, the power!!

Ultimately, Profile Shortcuts is a great solution to make it easier for you to chage the active profile on your mobile phone.

Profile Shortcuts allows you to apply shortcuts to your Smartphone profile. You can assign a speed dial key to each shortcut for faster profile changing. Once installed, open Start Menu then look for ‘Profiles’ from the list. The ‘Profiles’ entry is actually a folder with several LNKs in it. You’ll find it grouped together with the other folders of your Start Menu.

Click on ‘Profiles’ then you’ll see the main LNKs inside. To set speed dial or voice tag, highlight a profile then click right softkey for the menu. Note: Older SP OS does not have voice tag support (ie SP2002).

Profile Shortcuts


Profile Shortcuts

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